The Coral Springs Professional Firefighters began hosting an annual Pasta Dinner in October, to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer.  After a few years, we realized that we had several members affected by other types of cancer as well.  At that time, we began to support finding the cure for ALL cancer.  We wear pink in October, but with the lavender ribbon.  Purple also happens to be the color for pancreatic cancer.  This year, we are still hosting the pasta dinner, but with the addition of the Run Pauly Strong the next day.  All event participants will receive a dinner ticket, included with your registration.  Cancer is a disease that has touched the lives of nearly every single person.  Firefighters have an even greater risk of developing cancer, simply because of job-related exposures.  We will continue to help in the fight for a cure, anyway, we can.  We appreciate and look forward to continued support from the public that we serve.

              All proceeds from the run will go towards scholarships set up in Pauly's name.  

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor!

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